Change Log

Registration and Entry Management Updates


We have released a number of changes and updates to nextSailor that add new options for registration, better entry management, some new check-in features, and some styling updates.

  • Registration Updates:
    We have added support to name an alternate skipper to the boat being registered. The registration still defaults the skipper to the boat owner, but the user can edit the skipper before completing registration. This will help coaches and parents who are trying to register multiple boats at one time.
  • Entry Management:
    The Manage Entries page has had a number of new features added. You can now edit the alt. skipper and bow number on a registration. You can also mark the payment method and payment status for a registration, allowing you to use the Manage Entries page a check-in tool. You can easily see who has and hasn't paid. This page has been updated to work better on tablets as well.
  • Check-In Sheets:
    On the Regatta Details page, you can now open and print Check-In sheets to give to your team. You can generate these sheets by either last name or bow number, and you can choose to break them down by classes or just the full list of registered boats.
  • Styling Updates:
    We have added some new background color options to the Edit Webpage option under regattas. You will also notice some overall changes to the styling of some of the webpage elements to reflect a more modern design. Also, some of the mobile versions of pages have been updated to allow for a better experience on phones and tablets.
  • Credit Card Disbursement Details:
    On the regatta details page, you will now see a notification once your disbursement check has been issued with the amount sent, date sent, and the nextSailor fees collected.

If you have any questions about these new features or changes, please let us know!