Northern Bay PHRF Championship

09/30/2023 - 10/01/2023

Glenmar Sailing Association

Please support PHRF Racing in the Northern Bay and join us for what should be a super competitive series with 5 planned windward/leeward races. The location is convenient with a rendezvous at Seven Foot Knoll and party at Maryland Yacht Club.

We have an experienced PRO, 5 sanctioned w/l races are planned (enough for High Point eligibility). cool trophies, free slips, great facilities, super fun party with dinner and entertainment, Poolside Tiki Bar

Registration is closed.
Latest Entries 12 Total Registered
Boat Rating Class
Cheshire Cat 001X 1.0660 Multihull A & B
Etoile NS 93627 141 PHRF B
Wild*Card CAT 9 1.1180 Multihull A & B
LabRat II 246 108 PHRF A
Oasis 77 108 PHRF A
Kokomo Express 40826 108 PHRF A
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